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About Adastra

Adastra Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a private clinical-stage oncology company committed to providing responsible solutions to advance patient care in oncology. The Adastra lead clinical candidate, zotiraciclib, is initially being developed for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), two brain cancers characterized by Myc overexpression. Zotiraciclib is the subject of separate clinical studies in GBM, as well as an upcoming pilot study in DIPG.

The Adastra development programs are guided by world-class executives, key opinion leaders and advisors. The core management team has successfully transitioned its years of experience developing oncology drugs in large pharmaceutical companies into the entrepreneurial biotech environment. Adastra is backed by a syndicate of premier life sciences investors, including: Domain Associates, Lee’s Pharma, Morgenthaler Ventures, ProQuest Investments, and RusnanoMedInvest.


Zotiraciclib Mechanism

Zotiraciclib potently inhibits cyclin-dependent kinase 9 leading to apoptotic effect and modulation of the cell cycle. Zotiraciclib blocks the activity of RNA polymerase II, leading to depletion of the key cancer cell survival protein, c-Myc. In glioblastoma cell lines and in vivo models, zotiraciclib has demonstrated broad anti-tumor activity.


Overexpression of the Myc oncogene has been reported in >80% of glioblastomas. In vitro and in vivo glioma models have demonstrated that inhibition of Myc reduced proliferation and increased apoptosis.

Two zotiraciclib clinical trials are ongoing in glioblastoma.
Link: NCT02942264
Link: NCT03224104

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Overexpression of the Myc oncogene has been reported in 40-60% of hepatocellular tumors and is associated with poor prognosis in this patient population.

A zotiraciclib clinical trial in hepatocellular carcinoma will be conducted by China Oncology Focus Limited, an Affiliate of Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings in Hong Kong.

Our Team

Scott Megaffin

Chief Executive Officer

Jillian Chapas-Reed, MS

Vice President, Clinical Operations

Lynne Rollins

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Gallant

Head, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Michael Silverman

Senior Clinical Advisor

Kristan Meetze

Head, Tumor Biology

Ruhi Khan

Head of Business Development

Board of Directors

Mauro Bove

Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc.

Ralph E. (Chris) Christoffersen

Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures

Scott Megaffin

Chief Executive Officer, Adastra Pharmaceuticals

Dennis G. Podlesak

Partner, Domain Associates

Alain Schreiber

Managing Partner, ProQuest Investments

Eckard Weber

Partner, Domain Associates

Grigory Borisenko, PhD

Investment Director, RMI


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